Your “If’s and Buts”

Excuses, we all have them, we all use them….that’s fine I suppose….if you want to keep bull sh*ting yourself.

Seeking justification for YOUR OWN ACTIONS that keep you from your goals is never going to amount to anything.

You can have results OR excuses…..not both!!!!

If you say you can’t you are probably right, if you say you can you probably right to!!!

These motivational sayings are everywhere…….and do they help……NO….DIDDLY SQUAT, because we read them and never adopt the advice into our lifestyle choices.

Reading quotes is one thing…LIVING THEM is another.

The past week I have had a number of clients in my office all spinning the same story….” OH, Eugene these past few days where so tough, everybody was eating pizza and drinking beer… I could not be rude and say NO ……I caved but now I gained back all the weight.”

Well, this has happened to all of us before….but what are you going to do about it????

Give in every single time??? If your answer is yes, then make peace with what your physical body looks like now.

Total transformation of the body is not only the physical exterior but the inside too…..and therein lies the answer too sustainable lifelong results.

First and foremost identify your weaknesses…..places, people, things, foods that you know have a negative influence in your life.

Once you know what and where your weaknesses are, it is YOUR responsibility to avoid them!!!!

Nobody can force you, it stays YOUR choice at the end of the day.

People want the results but they are not willing to make the necessary sacrifices. This leads to that guilt trip…..then it is downhill from there!!!!

Have the courage to say yes when needed, have the courage to say no when needed.

Be true to yourself, that way your efforts will turn into results.