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The correct balance between nutrition, exercise and balanced hormones will finally give you the results you deserve.
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Do you want have the perfect physique? Do you want to excel in your sporting discipline? Our training programs address your specific goals to challenge you, and improve every aspect of your physique.

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You are unique. Our nutrition plans are not a one size fits all approach. Whether your goal is fat-loss, weight-loss or muscle building everything starts with nutrition.

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I have been a member of many gyms the past few years and have been keen on sports since primary school. When I first started working out my body changed quite fast, however, things started slowing down even with visiting the gym 4 to 5 times a week and doing constant cardio. In fact, I was starting to put on body fat and this was very demotivating to me.

I decided that I needed to see someone about changing my body and just a general refresher about what I wanted to achieve out of my gym work. I decided to join Perfect Pulse Fitness and Nutrition.
After completing a few personal training sessions with Eugene along with my personalised nutrition fat loss diet program, I noticed a great change in my body shape and muscle tone. I have increased my lean muscle mass in a short amount of time without changing my diet greatly.
I have not increased the amount of time I spend at the gym, just use my time more efficiently with more concentration on the areas of my body I wanted to change.

I have been getting a huge amount of compliments from friends and family saying that they have noticed a huge change in the way I look and most important of all the way I look at life. I can thoroughly recommend Perfect Pulse Fitness and Nutrition for any goal you want to achieve whether it would be weight loss, muscle building or just an increase in fitness levels. I have never felt so good about myself and I owe it all to the Perfect Pulse team’s knowledge and enthusiasm.

Leonarda van Eeden

The Tall and Skinny (Ectomorph)


Okay so where do I start. Let’s Start by Saying thank you to the Perfect Pulse team.
So, the journey started in 2017 in august one day after the Y2Karoo mountain bike race that took place over the course of 3 days.

At that stage of my life I was weighing 136kg and I am not the tallest man around.
There was a photo taken of me on the finish line which was the motivation I needed to make a decision to change my life.

I contacted Eugene Daamen at Perfect Pulse Fitness and Nutrition and my journey started.
It was an amazing time, I learned a lot about my body and the truth about fat loss, and in the time from 2107 – 2018 I lost over 50kgs.
My life has changed for the better and now in 2020 myself and the team at Perfect Pulse are still working together, always setting new challenges.
My next challenge is to get my weight down to 7kgs which will help me tremendously with competitive cycling.

I can recommend Perfect Pulse Fitness and Nutrition to anyone who wants to change their lives.

Paul Boshoff

The Short and Stocky (Endomorph)



I decided on a day to take my physique to a new level and contacted Eugene Daamen at Perfect Pulse Fitness and Nutrition.

I was already in great shape at the time but I wanted to add some more lean muscle while dropping body fat.
When I started with the program I was 98.7kgs, 8.5% body fat and my lean mass was 90.5kgs.

After the 12 week program Eugene structured for my body type I was 108.4kgs, 6.3% body fat and my lean mass was 101.6kgs.

I can recommend Eugene and the team at Perfect Pulse Fitness and Nutrition for those who are serious about results.

Pieter Loftus

The Gifted (Mesomorph)


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