The Blind Leading The Blind


Diet products and their lies…….

When these companies claim “scientifically proven” OR “clinically tested” OR “formulated in conjunction with a medical doctor” it is crucial that you ask who these doctors are, where these clinical trials were done ON HUMANS, who are scientists who proved this product to be safe and effective FOR HUMANS.
Before you actually receive this information and make sure it is the truth…DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND PUT YOUR HEALTH AT RISK.

Then when they give you a diet plan…..ask them to explain WHY they combine those exact foods at breakfast for example and see their reaction. There should be a logical explanation ….or in their case… A SCIENTIFIC explanation of every meal they expect you to eat right?

Let me tell you from experience….they have no clue on food combinations because they run a business, they have no clue how the human body works because they run a business, they have no clue of the complex makeup of the hormones in the body because they run a business.

What you must understand first and foremost is that it is a BUSINESS…..A HUGE BUSINESS!!!

Diet products bring in BILLIONS each year…..BILLIONS IN PROFITS, NOT RESULTS.

If any of these products actually worked, why are we fatter today than 20 years ago?

If you just did the stupid diet WITHOUT the even more stupid product you would also lose weight UP TO A POINT…..then the weight will come back every single time.

Why? because eating less makes you fatter in the end, we all know this by now.

But why just spend money on a tiny amount of salad every day when they can sell you ” a secret potion”?

This industry is heavily reliant on you not knowing anything…..then you will easier JUST BELIEVE AND PAY!!!

So I implore you to become more educated please, ask questions, do a little research….and if you don’t like doing your own homework you are more than welcome to contact me and I will do my best to help you.

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