Gain 2 1/2 Times More Strength Naturally! 1. What is it and where does it come from? ZMA is a scientifically designed anabolic mineral formula. It contains Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate plus Magnesium Aspartate and vitamin B-6 and is an all-natural product that has been clinically proven to significantly increase anabolic hormone levels and muscle strength …

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The Precursor To All Steroid Hormones! What is it and where does it come from? Pregnenolone (3-Hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one; delta 5-pregnen-3 beta-ol-20-one, and 17 beta-(1-ketoethyl)-delta 5-androstene-3 beta-ol) is a steroid hormone that is manufactured from cholesterol by cellular mitochondria. It is found in human nervous system tissues1, including the adrenal glands, the skin, the retina of the …

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1. What is it and where does it come from? Chrysin is a naturally occurring isoflavone chemically extracted from the plant Passiflora coerulea. Honeycomb also contains small amounts. High-quality Chrysin supplement is available from Bodybuilding.com. 2. What does it do and what scientific studies give evidence to support this? Scientific studies show that flavones (primarily chrysin) …

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