Green Tea

Powerful Antioxidant And Fat Loss Agent!

1. What is it and where does it come from?

Green tea (Camellia Sinensis, Epigallocatechin Gallate [EGCG]) originated in China, and it is believed to have been in use for over four thousand years. Green tea contains many polyphenolic antioxidants and is widely consumed the world over.

2. What does it do and what scientific studies give evidence to support this?

Green tea is a remarkable substance that is utilised by the body in many ways. It is used by the body to reduce harmful intestinal flora while increasing beneficial intestinal flora, as well as acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Green tea has been shown to dramatically increase antioxidant levels from a single dose, preserve good cholesterol, and even inhibit the formation of cavities. Green tea has also been used successfully as a weight loss agent, due to its ability to cause rapid fat loss.

Although it is widely believed that consuming green tea with milk or other dairy products does not negate its beneficial effects, research has shown that drinking green tea with these additives do not result in a loss of its benefits. Although we know much about Green Teas positive effects, there is still much that we do not know. The potential that green tea does other helpful things is very probable. Exciting research continues into this wonder-supplement.

3. Who needs it and what are symptoms of deficiency?

Everyone can benefit from supplementing with green tea. Populations that may benefit most from the supplementation of green tea include healthy adults, bodybuilders and athletes, persons looking to maintain gut health, and those wanting to lose body fat (weight).

Because of its high antioxidant content, green tea cleanses the body of harmful toxins. Not only will this make one feel more healthy, but it will reduce oxidative stress, thereby discouraging cell death. Because of green teas ability to protect skin from harmful ultra-violet light, bodybuilders and other athletes (as well as persons with naturally fair skin) will benefit from added skin protection when tanning or when being exposed to sunny conditions for extended periods.

Maintaining gut health is imperative not only for athletes who require optimum protein utilisation, synthesis, and nitrogen balance but for all person looking to maintain optimal health. Maintaining gut health will result in improved digestion and reduced occurrences of constipation.

Green tea also helps (through CNS stimulation) in the weight-loss process. For years green tea has been added to dietary weight-loss formulations. Its high caffeine content helps to increase body temperature, thereby increasing thermogenesis and fatty-acid liberation from adipocytes. It also acts as a diuretic, removing from the body excess water that can lead to a bloated look.

4. How much should be taken? Are there any side effects?

According to one study “More research is needed to elucidate the biologic activities of green and black tea and to determine the optimal amount of tea consumption for possible healthbeneficial effects.52 This being the case, label directions should be adhered to strictly

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