Exercise To Build Muscle…..Another Myth!!!

Today’s article is a bit tongue in cheek.

OK, so many hit the gym in their quest to build muscle……but does this really work?

Let’s tickle the brain a bit…..

So in order to build muscle tissue, you require amino acids right?

I don’t know about you but I don’t know of any dumbbell or piece of gym equipment that contains amino acids.

So, here is the low down>>>>

Exercise only creates the environment for the FOOD to do the repair and building.

You probably have experienced that sore body the day after a good weight session, and that means the body has been broken down.

Once the correct foods enter the system, the repair process will begin, once that is complete the body will adapt by building new fibres……and you get bigger!!!

So thinking to exercise longer, harder OR more times will increase muscle…….maybe you should exercise JUST ENOUGH and eat MORE muscle building foods.

The bigger you want to get…..the bigger you need to eat.

The harder you train, the bigger you need to eat.

The more often you want to train, the bigger you need to eat.

Now, to get the most from muscle building nutrition, concentrating on increasing insulin levels around workout time.

Using Whey isolate, amino acids, waxy maize is a great way to elevate insulin without raising blood glucose levels.

Post workout, loading up on good quality carbs is essential.

So, I hope this helps, once again whether you want to drop fat or build muscle…..the KITCHEN is the #1 place to start.