Diet Sodas…I Don’t Think So!!!!

It may be cool.   It may be refreshing.  But no one is telling you just how DEADLY it can be.

It is the ZERO calorie refreshment that is taking the world by storm.

Now, at this stage in your life, I am sure you have had just one…

Or maybe two…  Or three…

Heck, some of you may have had one a day for the last 20 years!

But the truth is, the diet soda you’re currently drinking is probably going to KILL you…

Diet Soda and Heart Issues

In the soda world, diet soda has grabbed a major foothold over sugar-sweetened beverages.

The fact is:  29 percent of soda drinkers PREFER diet soda over regular brands.  And, as the demographic shows, most of these drinkers are women.


Well for starters, it’s ZERO calories, contains ZERO grams of sugar, and is FAT-FREE!

All great words for those looking to lose weight!

But, for every good side of things, there is also a bad side…

You see, diet soda uses artificial sweeteners, which sweeten the beverage without adding calories or sugar to the product.

But, this artificial sweetener may have some adverse reaction associated with it.

For starters, diet soda consumption has been linked to weight gain, sugary food cravings (artificial sweeteners are 10 x as sweet as sugar), and it even increases your risk for diabetes.

Now you can add heart troubles to it!

So here is where the research meets reality…

A study recently presented at the American School of Cardiology shows some pretty awful things about diet soda.

The study followed over 60,000 women for 9 years.  They assessed dietary intake of diet soda consumption through a food recall list.

They separated women into categories:  high diet soda intake (2 or more per day), a frequent diet soda group (five to seven per week), a group of one to four per week, and a rarely consumed diet soda group (0 to three per month).

Over the course of nine years, they followed these women and took notes when anyone had any of the following: heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, surgery to reopen clogged arteries or death from cardiovascular disease.

Here is where it gets scary…

Those women in the HIGHEST intake of diet soda category (remember 2 or more per day), were 30 percent more likely to have a heart-related event occur in the 9 years.

30 percent!  That’s a huge number!

For those who frequently drank soda, they only showed a 9 percent risk for developing heart-related problems.

And for those who rarely drank soda – the numbers dropped to 7 percent!

Now, what do you think of your favourite refreshment?

Take Home Message

Diet soda is on a rapid pace to overcome the sugar-sweetened beverage portion of the soda industry.

And the biggest demographic tagged with this growing trend happen to be women.

Although diet soda has been linked to a number of different health ailments, it has yet to deter the diet soda advocates from changing their tune.

Maybe this will help!

According to a recently presented study, those who drink a LOT of diet soda – think 2 or more per day – maybe 30 percent more likely to develop some sort of heart ailment – or die – from a heart-related issue.

So for your health, and the health of your closest family and friends, avoid drinking diet soda, keeping diet soda in your house, or recommending diet soda to those around you.

The implications this may have on your health – and your fat loss results – may simply astound you.