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Why Ageing Women Need Testosterone

Numerous studies show that maintaining youthful testosterone levels in males confers powerful anti-aging effects. Testosterone-deficient men develop abdominal obesity (pot bellies) and diminished muscle mass,

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Health Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes have been getting a bad rap in the food world. Potatoes are filling, moderate in calories, and non-fattening, and are an excellent way to

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build muscle

7 Fat Burning Hormones

#1 – Insulin Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and is released whenever we eat any food that contains sugar, basically any carbohydrate! When it

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Your “If’s and Buts”

Excuses, we all have them, we all use them….that’s fine I suppose….if you want to keep bull sh*ting yourself. Seeking justification for YOUR OWN ACTIONS

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