4 Tips To Break Through a Workout Plateau

We all hit the wall every now and again when what we have been doing isn’t working anymore.  This is especially true when leaning out and trying to build muscle.

Here are the 4 check points I use to get back on track when this happens!

  1. Mix it up and use intense resistance trainingThis doesn’t just mean lifting heavier weights…it could also mean doing difficult body weight exercises or even explosive polymeric exercises (box jumps for example).Why? Intense resistance training causes your body to burn extra calories and belly fat when you are not training (so while you recover, etc.). It helps define your muscles and sculpt your body even while you are eating fewer calories and burning fat.

2. Switch from slow cardio to interval training

Research shows that interval training is more effective for burning fat than regular cardio. Interval training also improves your cardio vascular fitness which means you can train harder with better results.

Interval training also allows you to improve your lactate threshold which translates into more efficient muscle development (more to come on this powerful training concept)!

3.  Use non-competing super-sets to do more work in less time

When you do 2 unrelated exercises back to back, you’ll avoid muscle fatigue and get more work done in less time.

And you’ll burn more calories compared to traditional workouts. Circuits alternating upper and lower body are a good example.

4.  Incorporate Full Body Workouts

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck incorporate 2 full-body workouts into your program for 4 weeks.  In fact, you can substitute a cardio session for one high intensity full body- body weight session.

You will burn more calories and the cardio vascular training is superior.

The most important take-away from all this is: CHANGE.

Our bodies are very smart and they seek the least path of resistance. They very quickly they adapt to exercises and your results plateau.

So, separate yourself from average, dig deep and change it up this week!