Let’s start with this information booklet with the really important stuff…. this is not a crash diet!!!

There are thousands of crash diets out there, the problem is they all leave you fatter in the end.

You need a backup plan after you have completed the diet side of things!!!!

The team at The Fat Loss Dr do not believe in diets.

Take the word diet…. remove the T and you are left with “die” and that is exactly what you feel like on a diet!!!

Diet…. a word to describe how you cleverly jot down how to starve!!!

Yes, diets work, but only while you are sticky to them religiously (and suffering at the same time).

Diets are only as successful as the number of people who can live on them!!!

In our experience, working with over 10 000 clients in 12 countries over the years…. not 1 diet is sustainable for life!!!

So what have we done at the fat loss Dr?

We have designed a strategy for you to survive the fat loss plan with a backup plan that limits rebound weight gain. This way you keep your results.

99% of people crash on a diet…. and now we give you a way around this problem.

We back you up!!!

So how does the backup plan work on this program?

Option 1: After completing the 30-day program, you use the backup plan for 7 days.

This allows you to relax for a few days, enjoy different foods and reset the mind.

You then repeat your 30-day program.

So, in essence, we diet for 30 days, we live for 7 days…. repeat!!!

This cycle may be repeated as many times as you like.

Option 2: If at some point during the 30 days you feel like “crashing”, then you go to your back up the plan for 2-3 days only.

Thereafter you jump straight back into your 30-day program.

Let’s talk about the program

We use 3 different fat shredding techniques during your 30 days.

These will be intermittent fasting, low carb cycling, and a re-feed day. When these 3 techniques are used, your fat burning hormones are elevated to maximize results……but this MUST be done correctly in the proper order.

So what does the program cost?

Option 1: Total cost of the standard program is R1250-00

So what do you get with this program?

2 pdf books full of information that will help you on your journey

7 days VIP access on our website www.tfld.co.za where you can enjoy our weekly fat shredding workouts, recipes, books of interest, videos and interviews with clients who tell their story.

You can also sign up for our newsletter on www.tfld.co.za and receive all the latest fat shredding news and tips.

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