What irritates me about most “female” training…

I put “female” training in quotes because that pretty much sums up what irritates me most…and I am probably going to get grilled for this.

You see, when most people think of “female” training, they think of pink 2 kg dumbbells, hours of flailing around doing aerobic training, isolation exercises on machines, high-reps, lightweight, and those abductor machines (better known as the YES NO machine) in the gym.

To me this is NOT “female” training…it’s “failure” training because that’s generally what happens when women train this way (Hell, when ANYBODY trains this way). They fail to achieve the goals they set out to achieve because the training simply does not challenge the body enough to give it a reason to change.

Sure, a woman might get a little stronger or lose a little fat training like this because doing something will always be better than doing nothing.

But there aren’t too many people I know who exercise because they WANT minimal results…Yet, that’s what typical “female” training will give you…absolutely minimal results, and ladies, I know for a FACT you’re not afraid of hard work. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were. You just want to know how to make that hard work PAY OFF.
I also know you don’t want to look like a man from your training!!!

And what I’ve talked about here today is one of the BIG ones…don’t train like a “female” (ineffectively, like I mentioned above)…train like a FEMALE and challenge yourself (ok, I have no idea why putting that in all caps makes a difference but I think you know what I mean 🙂 or maybe I should put it like this: IF YOU TRAIN LIKE A “GIRLIE” YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A “GIRLIE”.

Why not train like a “WOMAN” and look sexy and lean.

If I had 10 cents for every time a woman said to me she does not train with weights because she does not want to look like a bodybuilder and she does not want to be “bulky” I would be a rich man today.

Ladies don’t stress about getting bulky from lifting heavier……you can’t!!!! Prove me wrong!!!

All the cardio junkies out there are selling themselves short of a great physique because hours of endless boring cardio does nothing but cause muscle loss…sure you lose weight but the saddlebags, lunch lady arms and belly flab is still there because you have lost muscle instead of fat. Weight training is far better for fat loss than just cardio…

So let’s look at some advantages of weight training for fat loss:

  1. major calorie expenditure…because lifting weights is hard work.
  2. increased resting metabolic rate….more muscle needs more energy when resting.
  3. better body composition….increased muscle mass(toned) looks great.
  4. better quality of life…if your strength increases your daily chores become easier.
  5. major fat loss…with weight training you will have your lean sexy body in no time.

So from now on please get the “bulky” thoughts out of your mind and start incorporating weight training into your workouts and see the major difference to your body.