Understanding WHY Diets and Diet Products Do Not Work

Good intentions to lose weight – failure – guilt – repeat!!

Kind of like the memoirs of a yo-yo dieter. Go on a stupid diet/diet product…lose 20kgs in 10 days…whoopdidoo…..who gives a crap because you will NEVER keep it off.

So why don’t diets/diet products work?
They leave you hungry all day, thinking about food 24/7…and what your mind is occupied with the body WILL get!!!

We have all heard the story….just eat less and move more and you will lose weight right? WRONG!!!!

Eating less and exercise have ZERO to do with weight loss.

So lets paint a picture…a very familiar one>>>

You over-weight…ok you know this, and yes you know that the MAIN CAUSE is your eating habits, so what now?


Lets assume you get tricked and fall for the scam…which it is!!!

You get sold a diet product promising you amazing results, you get a standard one-size fits all calorie restricted diet plan(all bull shit anyway), but hey…you are motivated right? Your intentions are good right? You really want the results right?

So through desperation you buy the gimmick product, you start living on chicken breasts and broccoli and treat yourself with a cup of black bitter coffee right?

Here is what happen to you when eating too little>>>
Initially weight loss is fantastic, but it is only water weight and NOT fat…but hey we will take any weight loss at this stage.
Then after a week or 3 your body notices a drastic reduction of energy coming in, so all it does is slows the amount of energy leaving the body.

So now the weight loss stops, you get demotivated, feel like a loser and turn to comfort food…gain everything back again and in most cases an extra kg or 2 will also make it’s appearance.


Second time round you eat even less, drop the water weight again, but now the hunger is even worse than the first diet attempt, why?
GHRELIN….that’s why…look it up!!!

Now I can go on and on about this vicious cycle, but why waste time!!!

Side effects of starving include:
You are cold all the time, hungry, obsessing about food all day, irritable, low blood pressure, no energy, low heart rate and you even experience brain fog…yes you feel damn stupid because you are starving.
Fighting these side effects can be tough…and 99% of the time you give in….then people say “OH you just don’t have enough discipline”.

Guess what?
All these self induced side effects of the diet/diet product that you where sold can be avoided…but why would these scam artists tell you this…they want your money….that’s all, don’t for 1 minute think they actually give a damn about your results.

As long as you can suffer, starve and feel like death and promote their product, they treat you pretty well. When the body shuts down, your health takes a turn for the worst…where are they now? Can they explain WHY the weight is rushing back? Can they explain why you should eat the foods they say? They CANNOT, WHY? Because they are business people, have no knowledge of the human body, all they do is sell a product.

Your body NEEDS ENOUGH FOOD(energy) to produce heat, it needs food to maintain healthy blood pressure, to pump blood through the body, to give energy to the brain, you need MORE food to keep moving.

Every single side effect experience by dieters can be avoided when you eat MORE!!!!

To end off…guess what happens when you eat more?

Choice is yours.

Pssssst…all you need to do is to learn how to control your insulin.