So a while back Prof. Tim Noakes released his new “Real Meal Revolution” book and it caused quite a bit of controversy, especially in the medical world.

Cardiologist called him “criminal” because he claims that we need to increase our intake of fats…even animal fats!!!


GUESS WHAT…..He is 100000000000% correct on this topic. Saturated animal fat is essential for our body, heart and overall health.


Animal fat DOES NOT and CANNOT cause heart disease!!!! SUGAR is the cause of heart disease!!!


It is understandable why the medical world is up in arms about Prof.Noakes and his “eat more fat” approach to heart health.


Heart disease will be a million times less prominent as a lifestyle disease.


Can you imagine the amount of money the pharmaceutical industry will lose on statin drugs and other heart medication if we just use common sense and eat the foods we are designed to eat?


Like Prof.Noakes says, his program is not for everyone, but many will benefit and I totally agree with this statement. However, if you are following his program solely for weight loss and you are a woman, it might not be working for YOU… are a few things that may shed some light on WHY:


OK, people, it is time to put your common sense hats on…ESPECIALLY THE LADIES!!!


Ladies, unfortunately for you, gaining weight and storing fat will always happen faster than for the guys!!!


This does not mean you are doomed to a lifetime of body fat!!! It just means you need to understand WHY you are designed this way…..and then do the exact opposite!!!!


So here we go into a bit of biology……

When it comes to weight loss women definitely get the short end of the stick. It’s definitely harder for women to lose weight. In fact, women have been hardwired to not lose weight. And no matter how cheesy what I’m about to tell you sounds, it all makes perfect sense if we stop and think about it. Let me explain. It all stems back to the hunter-gatherer days of our ancestors……..those caveman days!!!!

Women were built to accumulate as much fat as possible and to not lose those accumulations for childbirth, milk production, and child-bearing.

Did you know there are 3 pretty unknown reasons women gain fat….EVEN WHEN TRYING TO LOSE FAT!!!!

REASON#1….A woman has larger fat cells than men and contains more fat storing enzymes.

REASON#2….Estrogen multiplies fat storing enzymes…….and take a guess where the flab accumulates???? Butt and thighs!!!! 99% of women all struggle with cellulite and fat on these 2 areas because of this female hormone.

REASON#3….CRASH DIETS!!! Come on ladies, admit it….you all have tried some starvation crazy fad diet. Crash diets decrease fat burning enzymes…so cutting calories will inevitably lead to fat gain!!! Many women will know exactly what I am talking about.  Guess what I call any diet that keeps your body from eating enough food??? Starvation diet!!!! Eat too little and your body WILL store fat!!!

Now ladies…..if we know a little about what CAUSES fat storage, we can now take action to counter your own body!!! YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!!!

So you are now attempting the latest diet craze….the REAL MEAL REVOLUTION…Original eating….Paleo…eating like a cave man….call it what you will….this kind of “diet” has been around for many years.

With any diet that requires you to remove a complete macronutrient… is only a matter of time until problems may arise for you if your body is not designed for the way of eating instructed in the specific diet program you are following:

PROBLEM #1 Humans have the ability to evolve.  Your body will adapt to its environment and will rarely “give up”. We have a fight or flight system built into us….and we WILL adapt to SURVIVE. Now it is 2017 and I can bet you there are very few “original caveman” digestive systems out there in today’s real world!!!

We were designed to adapt and survive….we are made this way!!!! We have adapted to eat fruit and COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES that come from the earth!!!

PROBLEM #2 every living cell in the human body requires glucose for daily function….especially the brain. When we remove fruits and REAL carbohydrates like potatoes, brown rice, yams, steel cut rolled oats, for example, the stored glycogen in muscle cells and in the liver will become depleted. Your energy levels may start to drop, mood swings can be experienced, cravings and hunger pangs can also add to your problems. What you need to realize is that not one single human has ever become fat from eating REAL CARBOHYDRATES…so why can we not eat them then????? If these foods were not the cause of your weight issues, why remove them??? We should start by removing SUGAR AND MAN MADE PROCESSED FOODS!!!! 

PROBLEM #3 Ladies listen up… (and us gents) have something called a BMR….basal metabolic rate!!! Now, in a nutshell, this just means we all need a certain amount of energy from food so that our body has enough fuel for daily functions like walking, breathing, heartbeat, kidney function etc. Now when you eat foods that keep you full for longer….this will lead to fewer meals per day, and this might sound cool to most people because in today’s busy world, where do we find the time to eat 5 or 6 meals per day. The problem is as soon as your body realizes that the energy coming in is not sufficient….the handbrake will be pulled up and the metabolism will slow down so that your body can SURVIVE on 1 or 2 meals per day!!!

There is nothing wrong with 1-2 meals per day, as long as the total energy in these meals is ENOUGH to keep your metabolism going.

What I have found with many clients is that these higher fat foods do the job at keeping you full for longer which is great BUT many people struggle to eat when you are constantly full…..and many will struggle to consume enough calories in 1-2 meals.

Remember the cave woman???

She never had food every day….and she was pretty much in-shape….considering ROUND is a shape!!! Point is there were no skinny or sexy cavewomen back in those days!!  Why??? Because there was not enough food for them to eat in order to get rid of excess body fat!!!

PROBLEM#4 CRAVINGS!!!!!! Now cravings are surely the #1 reason people crash ANY DIET!!!

So why do some people get cravings for carbs (bread for example which is man made anyway) or sugars on this kind of eating plan??? Remember we spoke earlier about glycogen!!!!! When the body requires glycogen, the liver has the ability to convert ANY foods to glucose because it NEEDS it!!! So you having your dinner consisting of your chicken with the skin, cooked in full cream and your veggies……not long after dinner your mind starts to wander back to the kitchen and your taste buds crave something sweet!!! So why is this???

Because your blood sugar has dropped due to your liver converting your diner to glucose….and when blood sugar drops we experience cravings for something sweet….reason is your body knows very well in order to elevate blood sugar FAST….eat something sweet!!!!


PROBLEM#5 The human body will never…I REPEAT…NEVER sacrifice body fat in the absence of food!!! When we eat too little, the body will always sacrifice muscle tissue FIRST!!! Fat is the body’s last form of defence so it will hold onto it for as long as possible!!! Then guess what happens when you lose muscle tissue??? Your metabolism comes to a grinding halt!!! Now you sit with this slow metabolism, a flabby body due to muscle loss…..and if you DARE eat 1 slice of bread or 1 cookie…..BOOOOOOM, fat storage and weight gain grab you!!!

PROBLEM#6 If you are a slow oxidative body type, eating proteins and fats may leave you feeling bloated and tired. Your digestive enzymes are not as strong as those in a fast oxidative body type. One easy way to determine if you have a slow oxidative body type is to note whether you feel heavy or bloated after eating red meat!! If this is the case…..eating protein and fats may not be ideal for YOU!!!

OK, this is the end of my little take on the subject….maybe it can help someone understand why this specific plan is not ideally suited for them.

Whatever diet plan you choose…ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!!!!!

Stick to single ingredient foods.

The body will send definite signals…whether good or bad… need to take note!!

Bottom line….REAL CARBOHYDRATES and fruits are not the enemies so I don’t see why we cannot eat them!!!

If you have any questions on this topic you can drop me an e-mail on and I will put on my common sense hat and help you to the best of my ability.