The REAL key to fat loss when you’re 40+ years old…

I’ll cut right to the chase…it’s Growth Hormone.

If you’re over 40, you NEED your training and your nutrition to elicit a strong GH response in your body. It can literally make or break your results.

If you don’t know how to train (and eat) to achieve it, the vast majority of the results you’re trying to achieve simply will not happen.

The reason is this…as we get older, the natural production of hormones such as GH and testosterone, decreases. This makes fat loss harder.

However, how you train and how you eat can bring those levels BACK UP. This makes fat loss orders of magnitude easier to achieve.

So how you do train and eat for this?

Now testosterone (and yes, it’s important even for women), is tougher to bring up just with diet and exercise. Training with reasonably heavy resistance is the key to increasing
that as best you can, as is not eating TOO low fat (your body actually NEEDS some intake of saturated fat and cholesterol to make this hormone).

In fact, truth be told, low-fat diets are among the biggest causes of low-test levels because of this lack of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol. Now, I’m not saying go eat lard or anything like that, but living off chicken breasts  and vegetables is a sure-fire way to drop your test levels into the toilet and make fat-loss WAY harder than it has to be.

That leaves us with the REAL workhorse hormone of fat loss after 40…the one that can be most easily manipulated with diet and training…Growth Hormone.

At its simplest, you need to do resistance training with very little rest to build up Lactic Acid. The drop in pH (the measure of acidity) tells your body to secrete large amounts of GH in response.

And it’s one of, if not THE most potent fat-loss and muscle-sparing hormones you’ve got.

Train for it and eat for it correctly (and that means keeping your insulin levels in check, so watch your carb intake, especially before training) and the fat will come off.

If you need any help with your training and nutrition, please drop us an e-mail on and I will gladly assist you in achieving your goals.