After all these years, one of the biggest myths in the fitness industry is still that women are afraid to lift weights because they are under the impression that they will “get big and bulky”. Now ladies, I personally have been doing weight training for many years with really heavy weights and for those of you who know me personally will know that I am not big or bulky so trust me when I say you have nothing to fear when it comes to weight training.

Besides, a bicycle or treadmill has never given anyone a great physique.

Expressing fear of building muscle and looking like a man by merely hitting the weights is like me saying “I don’t want to play golf because I’m afraid I’ll turn pro….”Or… “I don’t want to get a job because I’m afraid to turn into a millionaire…” Nothing just happens unintentionally – including building muscle!

If your body was destined to look like a man, then you would probably already know it! Genetics don’t change overnight.

What I am plainly saying is this myth has no scientific backbone. It is very hard for most men to build muscle, let alone women. Thousands of men are eating thousands of calories and lifting heavy weight and don’t put a kilo of lean muscle mass on their bodies.


Not only lifting weights but lifting heavy weights will give you definition and that toned look that is desired by so many females all over the world. Females who have hourglass figures often build them by adding muscle to their shoulders, tightening up their waists and improving the muscle mass on their butt for that drop-dead gorgeous figure we all want.



First of all, men have 10 to 30 times higher levels of testosterone than females. Women do not have a large testosterone production in their body, making it impossible to build muscle at the same intensity as a male. A male is made up of a lot more muscle than women…23% of a women’s weight is muscle, compared to 40% of a male’s weight.

Women simply do not have the genetics to build muscle and the women that have done so, have done so by genetically altering their bodies.

I can take a guess that most women want a TONED look. Am I right? Did you know there is no such thing as toned? When your muscles look etched, it is because of a low percentage of fat around that muscle. I personally know this Figure competitor and she’s committed over 20 years and almost 2 hours a day to attaining this shape. It does NOT happen by accident so throw your fears out the window if you are afraid of being able to bench press your husband!

How to build lean muscle?

In order to build lean mass, you must have an influx of wholesome foods which are loaded with amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Simply put, muscles grow on REAL FOOD. If you’re bulking up from weights, I would be more concerned about what you’re eating rather than what you’re doing in the gym. Most likely, you’re eating too much junk. That said, in order to build muscle, you MUST tailor your diet for muscle-building and not fat stores. And that applies to women who want to “TONE”. You have to first BUILD the muscle in order to have a toned look.

Think about a runway model that is likely starving herself or even someone who suffers from anorexia. Do they have muscle? Yes, their natural wasting muscle that is genetically put there. BUT there is nothing sexy about a small mass that is about as soft as a sponge or thin as paper. You need to build muscle in order to have it stand out and be visible and soft on the eye.

Fun Facts About Muscle and Resistance Training

  • A pound of muscle can burn about 20-30 calories a day. A pound of fat burns about 5 calories a day. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn all day.

Put some muscle on, please!

  • Strong muscles and connective tissues (acquired during resistance training), help you perform better, whether in daily activities or physical activities and reduces the risk of injury.
  • By lifting weights, you’ll preserve muscle mass as you age. We naturally lose muscle over time, unless we lift weights;

»» You’ll build stronger bones;

»» You’ll improve your flexibility, stability and balance; and

»» You’ll feel better about yourself

It is also the best way to fight the onset of osteoporosis!!!!

Nutrition greatly affects the exercise performance and nutrients needed to build and repair muscle cells. The primary backbone of muscle growth is to shuttle nutrients into your muscles to re-feed them after they have been broken down from training and supply your muscles with the necessary energy when you are training.

So you actually get SMALLER in the gym…….the correct food repairs and builds.

Intense exercise, such as resistance training, recruits maximum muscle activity leading to stress and need for muscle adaptation…meaning more muscle mass. The effect causes muscle turnover and muscle preservation and/or building. The more intense the exercise, the more muscle is used. Adaptation to Exercise Is Normal…. Listen Up…

Resistance training breaks down and food rebuilds muscle cells bigger and stronger to prevent that damage from occurring again. Muscle Hypertrophy (increased size of muscle cells) occurs in two ways: by increasing the number and size of muscle fibres, and by increasing fluid and storage.

With proper training and nutrition, muscle grows stronger and larger, which enables us to perform everyday activities more easily. Conversely, they can shrink and become weaker if not used. Muscle is a very adaptable tissue. When we impose demands on our muscle and perform physical work that is greater than usual, they get stronger.

Benefits of adding a few pounds of muscle to your physique

– let’s not forget that resistance training increases cardiovascular strength

– reduces the incidence of injuries

– improves posture

– improves strength

– improves body composition

– prevents osteoporosis(VERY IMPORTANT LADIES)

– reduces the loss of muscle mass due to inactivity

The issue here is that there is only so much storage in a muscle. You need to lift heavy weight in order to increase the size of your muscle.


Resistance training is the cornerstone of a balanced and effective training program. You need to lift heavy in order to build muscle so that you have sexy legs, a tight bum with that nice separation between your hamstrings and butt, a firm but tiny waist, sweet shoulders and defined arms to top it off.

You cannot change your genetics to the degree that you will look like a man if you are women, unless you are “trying” to do so.

‘It’s okay to say the word “bodybuilder.” A bodybuilder is simply an individual who wants to gain muscle and lose fat. If you want to do both of those – you’re a bodybuilder!’….but don’t take my word for it, do your own homework and research. The best bodies in the world have 2 things in common…NUTRITION AND WEIGHT TRAINING.