Lose Fat Faster 1. What is it and where does it come from? Our bodies make pyruvate naturally every day during the metabolism or digestion of sugars and starches. Pyruvate is the compound to start the Krebs cycle. The Krebs cycle is an energy cycle in the body of enzymes and chemical actions that yield direct …

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An Essential Amino Acid! L-methionine is an essential sulfur-containing amino acid that is soluble in water. It is a powerful antioxidant, assists in the breakdown of fats, and helps inactivate free radicals. Because it is an essential amino acid, it must be supplied in the diet. The recommended daily intake is 13 mg per kg …

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Chicken breast stuffed with Camembert and spring onions

Ingredients 1 Chicken Breast 1 spring onion finely sliced +- 100gm Camembert cheese 2-tblsp olive oil Salt (to taste) Pepper (to taste) 1 cup assorted seasonal veggies (Optional Cranberry juice made by boiling cranberries in orange juice adding a little stevia for sweetness IF required – remove the cranberries before serving) Method Clean a dry …

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