Exercise for weight loss, Why it is a Myth

So many believe that if more calories are coming into the body than what is leaving, it will lead to weight gain… eat more than you burn and you get fat!!!

So would the exact opposite be true… burn more than what you eat and you will lose weight??

NOPE… sorry not true.

What about eating less and exercising more?

NOPE… sorry not true.

People are exercising more now than 50 years ago, there are more gyms now than 50 years ago… but we are fatter now than 50 years ago… so clearly exercising does not have a huge impact on weight loss.

Exercise is like brushing your teeth… it is good for you but don’t expect massive weight loss!!!!

So why does exercise not show weight loss results?

Well, the body is pretty clever and will compensate for the calories being burned during exercise.
That’s why you are hungry after a workout… your just “worked up an appetite”.

So eating after a workout just puts back most of the calories you just burned with exercise… let’s say you burned 500 calories and your post workout shake/meal is 250 calories it leaves you with a dismal 250 calories burned… no wonder exercise takes forever to show results.

What you need to understand is that calories in and calories out are pretty much related. Increasing the one will cause an increase in the other.

The body loves being in its ZONE… called Homeostasis.

Cutting calories IN will lead to fewer calories OUT.
Increasing calories OUT will lead to more calories IN.

You burn energy, the body sets hormones in action to make you eat so that the energy balance can be restored.

Then something many never take into account is this>>>>
Those who are very active during the day most do not exercise much and those who exercise daily do not do many NON-EXERCISE activities.

Take children who PLAY all day… they are too tired to do a sport for example.
Kids who do sports all day are too tired to play.

See how the body compensates for energy out and energy in!!!

Just enough exercise daily has many health benefits, weight loss is not one of them.

Doing loads of exercise can have negative effects on your weight loss goals. Placing TOO MUCH stress through exercise leads to an increase in Cortisol levels. Cortisol can increase your insulin levels and high insulin levels can lead to weight gain.

You eat JUST enough for success and you exercise JUST enough for success… that’s what you want right? SUCCESS!!!!

Exercise makes you fitter and stronger… IT CANNOT HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT!!!!

It can help you gain weight in most cases… and I know many who read this will know exactly what I am talking about.