Egg white and Oats Pancake

This is one of my favorite meals because it can be enjoyed at breakfast time, as a snack on the road or as a pre-workout meal…well basically any meal actually!!!

a) Egg whites (the amount you need for your specific diet)(whole eggs can be used too)
b) Oats (the amount you need for your specific diet)
c) 1 tablespoon mixed berries OR raisins
d) 1 level tablespoon peanut butter
Mix everything together in a bowl and pour onto a hot pan. Make sure you used spray and cook or any non-stick cooking spray. Leave on stove until 99% ready, flip it over for a minute and take off the stove.
There you have a nutrient dense breakfast and it tastes great too. Spread the pancake with the peanut butter while still warm. Honey can also be used instead of the peanut butter.