Calories in VS Calories Out…..WHATEVER!!!

In this day and age I still hear people(many working in this industry) telling people to cut calories and start exercising to lose weight.

Well look around you….do you think it is working?

Exercise can actually make you gain weight…..but that is a topic for another day.

So the notion that if you eat more calories than what you burn….you will gain weight, but this is a lie.

The notion that burning more calories than what you take in will lead to weight loss is a lie too.

So what now?

Calories are not the cause of excess weight and this you must understand……because all calories are not created equal. 2000 calories from ice-cream and 2000 calories from steak are not the same… what is the major difference between them when it comes to weight gain?


Ice cream will have a bigger influence on blood sugar AND insulin levels than the steak.

Higher insulin levels will lead to weight gain.

Calories IN are directly DEPENDENT on calories OUT…….yip, and the clever diet people over the years strongly believed that they worked independently from each other…..huge mistake.

A decrease in energy coming into the body will result in a decrease of energy leaving the body….that’s why eating less does not work……but hey you already knew that.

Lets say you are taking in 2000 calories per day and want to lose weight, so you cut calories down to 1500 and expect massive results. Well this will not happen, you may drop some initially WATER WEIGHT…..but then things just slow down, you become negative and give up.

The human body is extremely intelligent and it has built in survival mechanisms, so when you cut the energy coming in, the body slows down many metabolic processes to save energy.

The body has a built in ” book keeper” that will always balance the books for a profit.

Let me explain….

If you earn 1000 bucks per month you can spend 1000 per month right? Your books are balanced.

Now you only earn 500 per month, are you still going to give out 1000? You re-balance the books so that you do not run into debt… now you only spend 500 bucks.

The body does the same when you cut energy coming in, because if you could still burn more calories daily you would eventually burn fat stores, then protein stores and then YOU DIE….YES DIE!!!!

The human body will never burn more than what it takes in…NEVER!!!

Once you understand that total calorie intake has nothing to do with weight gain, life will be so much easier for you.

Eating MORE leads to MORE weight loss….YES IT’S TRUE!!!

But the key is balancing the HORMONES involved in the process of STORING ENERGY in the body.

We focusing too much about calories IN……when we should be more concerned about calories OUT.

Calories coming into the body alone cannot be responsible for weight gain because the body NEEDS these calories for heat production, protein production, bone production, muscle production, brain function, fat production…..the list goes on and on.

We love it when the body uses calories to burn as heat energy, but not so much when it stores them as fat right?

Too much of the energy coming in is going into fat storing and not into other energy burning activities that the body has… we need to switch things up in order to get more calories pushed towards metabolic activity in the body and less towards fat storage.

The way the body uses energy is AUTOMATIC….you have no control over it. Basically the only variable you have control over is whether or not you exercise to burn energy.

Cutting calories for weight loss can only work if calories out remain constant…..but there are so many experiments done over the years to prove this never happens. The body just slows down everything to save energy.

So forget about eating less…..EAT MORE ENERGY PER DAY to lose weight…….but think about this…..WHAT we eat is important yes, but WHEN we eat is also vital to your success.

Taking in more energy per day but at LESS frequent intervals is key. Eating more correct food but LESS times per day is key.

PS. There is no evidence anywhere in the world that eating 6 smaller meals will increase the metabolism more than 3 bigger meals.

There is no evidence that 6 smaller meals keep blood sugar stable better than 3 bigger meals.

Increasing the time between meals will have a greater effect on LOWERING INSULIN in the body.

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