8 Week 2 X 4 Fat Loss Nutrition Program

Welcome to your information booklet about this program and thank you kindly for your interest.

This program contains 2 parts, the first is a 4-week Lifestyle Adjustment section where we do a crash course in the Truth About Fat Loss.

The advice and tips are given here you will build into your new lifestyle in order to sustain the results you achieve throughout the program.

It is pointless achieving amazing results, just to regain all the weight back again….what a total waste of time and effort.

These techniques have been used for a very long time, some of them already forgotten, proven and powerful to assist you in reaching your goals.The second part of this program is where we use specific fat shredding techniques to get you to your goals in record time.

This part of the program is also for a period of 4 weeks. It is stricter, but this is where the fast results are seen.

At any time you feel like taking a break from this section of the program, you use the fat loss

Lifestyle techniques in the first part to sustain results……so no Rebound Weight Gain!!!

No diet on earth is sustainable, only your lifestyle is!

So what does this program include?

  • Your 2 x 4-week fat loss nutrition sections
  • 8 pdf books full of information that will help you on your journey
  • 7 days VIP access on our website www.tfld.co.za where you can enjoy our weekly fat shredding workouts, recipes, books of interest, videos and interviews with clients who tell their story.

So what does the program cost?

  • The total cost of the program is R2250-00
  • You can also choose the monthly payment option of R1125-OO over 2 instalments.

You can also sign up for our newsletter on www.tfld.co.za and receive all the latest fat shredding news and tips.

The truth about fat loss shall set you free from your struggles

Serious about your health, serious about results and especially if you are tired of all the lies out there, contact me on helpme@perfectpulse.co.za and let’s work together and achieve your goals.

NB: Very important…. a waiting period of around 3-5 days is usually required as our teamwork with client across the world.

We are looking forward to working with you!!!

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