20 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program

This program can be utilized in many different ways:

1. As a damage control program after holidays
2. To fit into an outfit for a function when you do not have a long time to drop weight
3. As a weekday lifestyle plan, because it is easy to follow at the office

So How Does it Work?

This program consists of 5 days and each day is something different which helps us with the following:

1. Mental boredom, most of us can stick it out for 1 day at a time
2. Keeps the metabolism working without slowing down
3. Resets metabolism due to different amounts of food each day over a 5 day period

How Can I Use This Program?

You have 2 ways of using your rapid fat loss program:

1. You follow the 5 days, repeat 4 times for a total of 20 days. You may repeat it as many times as you like.
2. You stick to the 5 days during weekdays and over weekends you survive by eating REAL WHOLE FOODS. We provide you with a “weekend survival plan” too.

We use quite a number of different techniques to elevate fat loss and ramp up metabolic activity in the body like intermittent fasting, carb cycling, carb backloading and keto meals

When these techniques are used in the correct sequence, the body can respond in a very positive fat loss direction.

So what does this program include?

  • Your 20-day rapid fat loss nutrition program
  • Weekend survival program
  • 7 pdf books full of information that will help you on your journey
  • 30 days VIP access on our website www.tfld.co.za where you can enjoy our weekly fat shredding workouts, recipes, books of interest, videos and interviews with clients who tell their story.

So what does the program cost?

The total cost of the program is R950-00 on a once off payment.
If you would like to work with us on this program you can contact us by e-mail on helpme@perfectpulse.co.za

We are looking forward to working with you.

Download Info

Download New Client Application here and e-mail to helpme@perfectpulse.co.za