This program is what we use to help clients get into contest condition OR for those amazing photo shoots.

Who is This Program For?

Your ABdominate program is “NUTRITION FOR THE DISCIPLINED” and usually, it is those who are already following a healthy lifestyle and are in pretty good shape.

These individuals would like to take their physique to the next level…..

So How Does it Work?

Your program consists of 3 phases over a 12 week period and these are structured according to your metabolic body type, muscle mass and exercise TIME.

Exercise time is important to look at because around that time what we eat and drink can be a major turning point to that next level physique.

So what does this program include?

  • 8 pdf books full of information that will help you on your journey
  • 12 weeks VIP access to our website www.tfld.co.za where you can enjoy our weekly fat shredding workouts, recipes, books of interest, videos and interviews with clients who tell their story.

So what does the program cost?

The total cost of the program is R2850-00. You can also choose the monthly payment option of R950-OO over 3 instalments

Want to be NEXT LEVEL?

Contact us on helpme@perfectpulse.co.za and let’s work together and achieve your goals

Download Info

Download New Client Application here and e-mail to helpme@perfectpulse.co.za