#1 Secret that Destroys Cellulite…Give it a try!!!!

True OR false…I don’t know but give it a try and let me know!!!!

Body fat is bad for most people…but CELLULITE is a completely different story!

You too may have been finding that despite your best efforts to take off the weight, you’re still left with saggy, dimpled skin.

A lot of women have fought cellulite in the past, especially once they hit their 40s but even men can be hit with this problem.

Women usually battle around the thigh and glute area and the guys normally have that belly problem plus the chest area is also usually a place where the flab attacks them.

Well, you may also have wondered if there was anything out there that fights cellulite that you just don’t know about yet…I recently learned about this odd “Hollywood secret” technique for getting rid of that disgusting cellulite and it is backed by science too……coffee grounds!

Many Hollywood stars use this method to get rid of that unsightly flab so here is what you need to do:

  1. Take about a half cup or so of yesterday’s USED coffee grinds (NOT decaffeinated!) and mix them together with just a little bit of olive oil and put the mixture in an old nylon stocking. (If you don’t drink coffee, ask your neighbours or friends to give you theirs and just tell them you’re using it for “compost fertilizer” or something.
  2.  About 10 minutes before getting into the shower, vigorously rub the coffee grind mixture over your “trouble areas” like your hips, butt, belly, or thighs.
  3. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes and then rinse it off in the shower.
  4. Do this a couple of times a week and start watching your skin get tighter and more toned as you continue your fat burning efforts.

Here’s why it works (the SCIENCE!)…

First, let me tell you that dermatology researchers are already using caffeine in the most advanced cellulite creams so this is backed by hard science. By vigorously rubbing your skin with the mixture, you increase circulation to your skin while at the same time, taking advantage of the coffee’s caffeine content to start melting the fat from the outside in. Plus, the gritty texture of the coffee grinds works like a mild sugar scrub, exfoliating the skin and promoting better circulation and rejuvenation while the oil actually “plumps up” the skin cells for a smoother looking skin.

Some women have even reported seeing instant results with tighter, toned skin! So give it a try, it may just be the extra weapon you need in the fight against cellulite.